Aerial Inspection

We use PhaseOne 100MP sensors for superior image quality

Having the highest specification camera allows us to produce the very best image quality.

Aerial Inspection – At Angell Surveys, we employ PhaseOne 100MP sensors to achieve unparalleled image quality. This cutting-edge technology ensures the production of the highest quality imagery. Our dual-camera drones excel at close inspections and thermal imaging simultaneously, providing comprehensive data. Our non invasive mission planning allows us to carry out the inspection task with minimal disruption and with very low HSE risk. Benefit from our 100MP image capture, ideal for mobile towers, powerlines, and structural assessments, all from a safe distance using an 80mm lens. 

Experience advanced thermal imaging with Angell Surveys using FLIR radiometric cameras, equipped with analytics and high sensitivity thermography. Benefit from building, powerline, and photovoltaic health checks, supported by digital detail enhancement for exceptional outcomes. Our systematic inspection workflow ensures comprehensive engineering assessments. Real-time FPV data allows for immediate insights, ensuring swift and accurate decision-making. Trust us for superior results and precise thermal analysis, contributing to the efficiency and safety of your operations. 

Trust Angell Surveys for cutting-edge technology and expertise in Aerial Inspection services, contact us to find out more. 

100MP Image Capture

  • Superior image quality from 100MP camera
  • Cell towers, powerline and structural inspection from a safe distance using an 80mm lens
  • Producing the best data deliverables

Thermal imaging using FLIR radiometric cameras with analytics

  • High sensitivity thermography
  • Building, powerline, photovoltaic health checks and analysis
  • Digital Detail Enhancement for superior results

Engineering Inspections

  • Systematic inspection workflow
  • Reduced HSE Exposure
  • Non Invasive
  • Real time FPV data
Quick set up
Urban areas
Better data