Aerial Survey

Precise Fixed Wing Drone Surveys

Using photogrammetry and aerial LiDAR drone and survey technology, we are able to carry out accurate surveys and produce a comprehensive set of deliverables, backed up by a warranty.

Our fixed wing fleet can fly for longer, allowing our clients to receive actionable data in the shortest time.

We have a versatile fleet of drones which allows us to adapt to any size project.

We can carry full frame imaging sensors up to 42 megapixels.


2D Orthomosaics, Contours & Maps

  • Geo-referenced high resolution maps
  • Pixel level detail using the best cameras in UAE
  • Detailed topographic contour lines
  • Compatible with all CAD and GIS Applications

3D Models, Point Clouds & Reality Capture

  • Ultra high density 3D point data
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Highly accurate
  • Incredibly detailed, photorealistic texturing
  • Fully lifelike models for viewing, printing or sharing

Digital Surface & Terrain Models

  • Elevation values for each pixel
  • High density elevation data in any datum
  • Integrates with existing GIS workflow
Accurate mapping
Quick Deployment
Highly safe
Non invasive