News  |  24/08/2018  |  Phil Angell

Angell Surveys Receives CAA Norway Approval

We are pleased to announce that Angell Surveys have received CAA Norway RPAS approval for commercial drone operations. 

We have had a long connection with Norway going back to 1995 through our oil and gas connections. We are excited at being able to bring our proven UAV survey and inspection capabilities to the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets.

Offering a combination of conventional and VTOL (vertical take off and landing) fixed wing survey platforms, provides us greater flexibility, with VTOL allow us to operate in more restrictive locations such as urban or critical infrastructure locations. Angell Surveys, together with partner operating companies, have successfully completed a number of challenging UAV survey projects in various locations.

We look forward to working with our Norwegian partners and customers with our fixed wing survey and multirotor inspection fleet of UAVs.