Comment  |  15/09/2017  |  Phil Angell

Mine and Quarry Drone Survey Services

We work with international mine and quarry owners/operators to help them assess, plan and optimize operations.

Using our highly accurate survey grade drones, we are able to image a large quarry in a matter of a few hours.

We then process the data either on site or at our office, and produce a comprehensive suite of deliverables which are easily imported into applications such as Surpac.

Our RICS Chartered Surveyors work together with mining engineers to fine tune the data so that all objectives are met and that the data is fit for purpose for the specific task. During processing, we carry out a rigorous workflow of QC routines to ensure that the specific quality objectives are achieved.

Our services are used for quarry scheduling, geological modeling, volumetric analysis of extracted material, stockpile auditing, environmental and regulatory reporting, site extension planning and site restoration.

A comprehensive final report is generated which contains the project parameters and final results.

Clients are reassured that by using an RICS Regulated firm for UAV/drone surveys, the services provided are monitored by an internationally respected regulatory body.