News, Projects  |  24/01/2018  |  Phil Angell

New Year Update – More Surveys and More Drones

With the end of January 2018 already in sight, we are pleased to announce the award of a number of surveys across the UAE by multiple clients. The surveys range from small (less than 1 Sq KM) to ultra large (more than 20 Sq KM) and represent the confidence placed in delivering highly accurate data from a qualified firm.

We have also increased our fixed wing capability to match the increasing workload which will allow us to continue delivering a fast turnaround for our clients. We will have some other exciting news in the next couple of months as well regarding our capabilities.

We have signed a strategic alliance with Technometer in Abu Dhabi which will allow both companies to offer a wider range of complimentary aerial services to both client bases.

Our client base is also increasing as more organizations realize the potential and usefulness of our data in their workflows.

We wish everybody a Happy New Year for 2018.